Exposed: The Daemon Paranormal Romance Chronicles, Book 5 Excerpt

IN PERU, Supay and Phoebe had just welcomed their daughter into the world. The tiny infant was named Irene. To the outside world, the little family seemed like a nexus of harmony. Few outsiders would realize the number of troubles they had gone through in the last few years.

It had all started when Phoebe was approached by Apollo. Raised in foster care, she never knew that she was a daemon. Until that day, Phoebe had made all of her money by telling fortunes. As a daemon, she had a unique talent—her ability was to read people’s minds and see what their innermost thoughts were. When Apollo showed up, he needed help finding the Qilin. According to the prophecy, the Qilin would indicate the next great leader or wise man. Apollo had drawn her into the hunt because the Qilin was going under a different name, and he needed someone to read minds in order to find her. Together, they had quickly located the Qilin and started a passionate romance. Before long, it ended. Phoebe discovered at the death of the Qilin that Apollo’s talent was to give suggestions or manipulate the minds of other people. Due to this, Phoebe could never truly trust him. She could not be certain that her love for him was not just another manipulation. At the same time, she discovered that her dog was actually a shape shifter known as Supay. Although she had felt betrayed at first, she came to terms with this oddity over time. Supay had become her dog so that he could protect her and hopefully save the Qilin. Although it had not helped the Qilin, his protection had kept her safe.

Phoebe picked up Irene and sat down in the rocking chair. It was so peaceful in the nursery. Before long, Supay would return home. Although the infighting among the daemons had died down, it still caused problems. Supay had been stretched to the maximum of his abilities as he tried to bring peace. Their desire to bring peace had come at a temporary cost; the meddlesome siren, Juno, had agreed to stop causing arguments and fighting among the daemons, provided Phoebe give up her memories. Although Phoebe eventually got those memories back, it had led to a temporary break from Juno.

As Irene fell asleep, Phoebe walked into the living room. She started to sit down when Supay walked in. He immediately came up to her for a kiss.

“How are my lovely ladies today?” he asked. Phoebe held him closer and kissed him back hungrily.

“The little one is fine, but the older one needs some attention,” she teased. Supay held her closer. Her scent was enticing. Everywhere he turned in his apartment, he could smell her. Running his fingers through her hair, he pulled her head back for another kiss. The ferocity of her passion surprised him and made him want more. Setting his things down, he looked at her inquisitively. Slowly, he started to unbutton his jacket and waited for her to respond. When she started to pull off her shirt as well, he was certain. She wanted him.

Quietly, they slipped off their clothes and sank to the floor. Like secret trysts among teenagers, they had to remain quiet and not wake up Irene. Running his finger down her naked body, Supay started to play with her clit. He slipped his fingers inside of her and realized how wet she was.

“Mmm…you know, we could try putting that jade necklace on again,” he teased. Reaching onto the table, he wrapped the necklace around her neck. Given to her by the Qilin, it was the only reason she could even have children with him. Without the aid of the fertility talisman, she would never have been able to have children outside of her daemon family.


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