The Mind Talker Paranormal Romance Series – Vol. 1, Books 1 to 5

The Mind Talker Paranormal Romance Series – Vol. 1, Books 1 to 5
Series: The Mind Talker Paranormal Romance Series
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Revelry Publishing
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: B00P0500Y6
ISBN: 9781988083018
Volume 1 contains Books 1 to 5 - Ananda finds herself on the run and she's not alone. With help from Jared, a stranger that she just met, the two evade capture by an organization that is intent on hunting her kind. Ananda and Jared are able to read minds. When an unfortunate incident happened involving a disturbed individual that resulted in the death of his schoolmates, the secret organization decided to take action.
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About the Book

A Paranormal Romance Story

***Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***

***This book contains approximately 25,000 words***

The box set is available for Books 1 to 5

Book 1 – Awareness

That voice in her mind, she couldn’t be completely sure but it sounded so familiar to her.

Ananda discovered that she can read other people’s mind when she was 11. It is supposed to be a gift but it’s driving her crazy. Her parents can’t understand her and the only person who can, her brother Ryan, is off to the university.

Lonely and disoriented, Ananda runs off to New York. She thinks that in a city as big as that, there must be someone like her walking around. She instead meets Kerri, her best friend, with whom she cannot read thoughts, which is a welcome development.

Ond day, while walking around New York City, a man’s voice calls out to her. Ananda should’ve been happy; it was what she was in New York for. But she’s just scared. She decides to go home only to realize that her apartment may have an intruder.

Things happen so fast. One minute Ananda is in the arms of a stranger, being hushed. Then she follows the stranger, Jared, to the car. They end up in a motel, in bed, exchanging body heat and fluids.

But who is Jared?

Book 2 – Hunted

The second book of the Mind Talker Romance Series – Jared’s past haunted him and served as a reminder that he can’t escape his fate. If he had stopped the boy back then, would his sister still be alive?

Jenny was the love of Jared’s life until he discovers she was living a double life. Jenny was part of a secret organization that was bent on hunting him.

He can’t change his past but he can help in the present and hope for a better future. When Jared found Ananda, he knew he had to protect her from those that were intent on hunting their kind.

What will they decide to do next?

Book 3 – Heat

The third book of the Mind Talker Romance Series – Ananda couldn’t help herself. Jared’s scent just sends her over the edge. No one else understood Ananda’s gift…not even her parents.

When Jared found Ananda, he explained what her special powers meant. Only certain people acquired the gift of reading minds.

Along with that, Ananda was undergoing a maturation process. Everyone of her kind will experience it in their 21st year.

Kerri was supposed to be Ananda’s best friend. Who was Kerri really working for? Why did the secret organization want to harm Ananda?

Book 4 – Revealed

Jared learns the truth about his dead sister. Ananda had the power to see into his past. She saw what he saw during that fateful day when Jared’s sister died.

Meanwhile, the truth about Kerri’s family is revealed. They are the sole reason why Ananda and her kind are on the endangered list.

Follow Ananda and Jared as they navigate through their feelings for each other amidst the danger that is hunting them.

Book 5 – Evasion

The fifth and final book of the Mind Talker Romance Series – Ryan is the mystery man who is helping Jared and Ananda to escape to Canada in hopes of evading the organization that is hunting all those with special mind reading powers.

Kerri’s family is behind the secret organization. Her love for Ryan has forced her to choose between loyalty to family and loyalty to Ryan. Can she be trusted?

Read the conclusion behind the mystery of the organization and the quest to keep Ananda and Jared safe from their sinister grasp.

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