The Interrogation: The Daemon Paranormal Romance Chronicles, Book 10 Excerpt

WITHIN THE inner recesses of the cave fortress, Supay was struggling to get everything under control. The impending war with the Roman daemons had everyone on high alert and each Greek daemon had been called to the fortress. Unfortunately, this meant that undesirable creatures like Cleonae had also been brought into the fold. Supay tried to hide his disgust in dealing with these creatures, but found it almost impossible.

After a long day at the fortress, Supay was finally getting a chance to go to bed. Entering the bedroom, he saw Phoebe on the bed. Since Peru, she had been different. Everything had been going perfectly for a while. Once her memories had finally recovered, she had returned from Spain and become the perfect mate for Supay. They had enjoyed living blissfully together with their daughter, Irene, until everything changed one day. At first, Supay thought that he had imagined the change. Little things that Phoebe did seemed different. Over the last few months, he had realized the unfortunate truth: Phoebe had found out about the deal with Juno. Now, she was unable to love him as fully and completely as she had before. Despite this realization, Supay did not do anything to change the situation. He hoped that he was wrong and did not want to make things worse if Phoebe truly did not know.

Hearing Supay enter the room, Phoebe rolled over. “Hey, love. How is everything going? I just put Irene to bed.” She smiled and patted the bed invitingly.

Removing his clothes, Supay slid into bed next to her. Although it appeared like most fortresses on the inside, the underground complex became extremely chilly at night. Supay was glad that he could share the bed with Phoebe each night. Rolling toward her, he gently looped her hair behind her ear. “Preparations are underway, although it could always be better. I just wish that we could tell exactly what the Romans are up to right now.”

Next to him, Phoebe remained silent. She had avoided telling Supay about Juno. Phoebe knew that Juno had once dated Supay and also knew that Juno was the reason their relationship was starting to fall apart. If Supay knew that Juno was interrogated and tortured in the dungeon, he would never forgive her. Phoebe winced. The torture had not been intentional. She had thought that Cleonae’s natural inclination to capture and keep damsels meant that he would protect them. This obviously was not the case. The sadistic Nemean lion daemon had merrily started the interrogation.

Noticing her expression, Supay raised an eyebrow. Something was off, but he did not know what it was. “Phoebe?” he asked.

Distracted from her thoughts for the moment, Phoebe realized that Supay knew she was keeping a secret. She would have to distract him for the moment. “Nothing, Supay, I was just thinking. Wait here.” Slipping out of bed, Phoebe went into the closet and found her favorite lingerie. Sliding her body into the black lace, she stepped back and admired her figure. All she needed now was some shoes and possibly lipstick.

After applying a coat of dark red lipstick that matched beautifully with her hair, Phoebe smoothed her hair back into a tight bun. She slipped into tall, black boots. Before leaving the closet, she slipped some elbow-length, black gloves over her hands and arms. She was ready.

Exiting the closet, Phoebe flipped on the music player. Slow-paced, ethereal music flooded the room as she turned on a lone red lamp. Around her, the bedroom had been transformed from a typical sleeping area into a dominatrix’s den. Smiling, she walked up to the bed. Supay had remained exactly where she had left him. She motioned for him to spread his arms and legs toward each bed post. Pulling out the bed restraints, Phoebe roped his arms and legs to individual bed posts.


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