Forgotten: The Daemon Paranormal Romance Chronicles, Book 3 Excerpt

ROLLING OUT of bed, Phoebe looked on Supay’s sleeping form. After spending several weeks with him in Puerto Rico, she decided to move back to Peru, where he lived for most of the year. Her life had taken a strange turn. Instead of working at her fortune telling shop, she was now essentially a kept woman. During the day, they worked together to stop the fighting that kept breaking out in the daemon world. The daemons were essentially a different type of human, and each daemon possessed a unique power. Phoebe could read minds, while Supay could transform into any animal. These unique abilities had given rise to the ancient mythologies of past years. In honor of their ancestors, Phoebe’s daemon family had chosen to name all of their children after Greek gods and prophets.

Phoebe threw on a robe and turned on the shower. Over the last few months, she had learned that she was a daemon and that she still had a mother. Her mother, Rhea, had been raped and conceived twin girls. Her twin sister had never made it past birth, but Phoebe had been born. With her gift of mind-reading, she had been in constant pain as an infant because she could see her mother’s memories of the rape. Traumatized by the rape and inability to touch her daughter, Rhea had placed Phoebe in foster care. Phoebe finally found out that she was a daemon and about the true story when Apollo came looking for help with killing the Qilin.

Stepping into the shower, Phoebe let the warm water drift along her body. The sensation was pleasant and woke her up. Today, she needed to go with Supay to meet a daemon called Juno. According to the reports, Juno was the daemon behind much of the infighting. With the death of the Qilin, a leader was supposed to appear that would bring peace. According to prophecy, it seemed like Apollo should have been that person. Since he was still brooding over beer about the loss of Phoebe and the killing of the Qilin, Supay had convinced Phoebe that they needed to take action together.

Phoebe heard the shower curtain open. Turning, she saw…


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