The Daemon Paranormal Romance Chronicles – Vol. 2, Books 6 to 10

The Daemon Paranormal Romance Chronicles – Vol. 2, Books 6 to 10
Series: The Daemon Paranormal Romance Chronicles
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Revelry Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781988083049
Box Set containing Books 6 to 10 - The daemon infighting can only be stopped when a strong leader emerges to calm the different factions. Juno appears to be at the heart of the conflict. Things become complicated when Phoebe and Supay try to negotiate with the siren, Juno. The love triangle among Phoebe, Supay and Apollo become tense when Juno's meddling threatens to destroy any romance that develops.
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About the Book

A Paranormal Romance Story

***Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***

***This book contains approximately 25,000 words***

This box set contains Books 6 to 10

Book 5 – Exposed

Hiding away in Peru, Supay and Phoebe start their own family, away from the chaos and the daemon infighting.

Meanwhile, Apollo, heart-broken and lost, is lured into another one of Juno’s schemes. Making deals with a siren never turns out right. If Apollo accepts the deal, the love of his life may resent him for the rest of his natural life. If he didn’t take the deal, she is lost to him forever.

Find out what path Apollo takes to ease his pain.

Book 6 – The Beginning

As preparations for the war between daemons are underway, everyone must begin to choose. Siding temporarily with Apollo, Juno has a moment to look back on her life and figure out how she arrived at this moment.

As she sifts through memories of the past, a specific dark stranger stands out. How far will young Juno go with her new love? More importantly, will her mother, Circe, discover the secret tryst?

Find out how Juno’s past works out.

Book 7 – The Treachery

With young Juno’s love for Supay discovered, Juno rushes to conceal her lover’s name. Unwilling to sacrifice Supay to her mother’s wrath—or the vengeful nature of fellow sirens—Juno does the only thing that she can to save her love… lie.

The decision to hide the name of her true lover leads to unexpected and unfortunate consequences. At the heart of the matter is one question: To what lengths will Juno go to secure the safety of Supay and her unborn child? As this spicy romance heats up, the only certainty is that nothing will ever be the same again.

Book 8 – Duplicity

Saddened by the separation, Juno adjusts to the blissfulness of new motherhood. Like everything else in her life, this newfound happiness is unlikely to last. Before long, Circe discovers her daughter’s lies and gives her an ultimatum to fix everything. As Juno races against the clock to protect her loved ones from Circe, she makes a final choice that could leave her perpetually unhappy.

At long last, she achieves the rank of a full-fledged siren and obtains her freedom from Circe. Left to wander the world alone, she realizes that freedom means nothing if there isn’t anyone to share it with. By the end of this story, the nature of Juno’s vendetta—and the means she achieves it with—are finally revealed.

Book 9 – Reconnaissance

Back in the present, Juno is frustrated by her inability to scry and reveal what the Greek daemons are plotting. Despite her enjoyment of Apollo’s sexual prowess, she needs to get an up close view on the action. She dresses down in an attempt to blend in with the world around her as she initiates her stealth spying mission. Concerned that Juno will slip into her normal hyper-sexual siren ways, Apollo makes her promise to return within a few days. As Juno’s hunt for the daemon’s fortress unfolds, Apollo is left alone wondering if she will truly return to him.

Will Juno be able to resist her base instincts? More importantly, will she be able to get to the fortress and return without being spotted?

Discover how Juno’s stealth mission works out.

Book 10 – The Interrogation

Alone in the dungeon, Juno tries to hide her rising fear. She knows that Apollo will soon give up hope for her return. If he believes that she ran off, then no one will ever come to look for her in this dark cavern. As her fear mounts, she holds on to the hope that Phoebe or Supay will take pity on her. Before that can happen, she has to come clean to Supay about her past. Could he possibly forgive her for what she has done? Will Juno remain faithful to Apollo or will her siren urges take over?

Find out how the confrontation with Supay unfolds.

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